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October 2022 History Corner

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

October 1922

Business Meeting: The subject for the consideration of the evening was “Better Films,”

Mrs. J. F. Johnston, Chairman of the Berkeley Better Films Committee and one of the

delegates of the Club to that Committee discussed briefly Better Pictures, Types of Work,

Elimination of Stupid Pictures, and the newspaper reports and bulletins. The physical

conditions under which pictures are produced were then discussed. Mr. E. A. Martin of

Los Angeles, the author of “America In Its Making,” told of his experience in theatrical

and the moving picture industry. His talk was interesting and enlightening about the

history and development of the film business.

Annual Dinner: The evening of October 23 brought the annual gathering of the club

around beautifully decorated dinner tables. No annual dinner has ever had so many in

number and none has shown more carefully planned preparation for the pleasure of all.

Mrs. Carlton Rose, her committee and the hostesses who presided at the tables had

combined to carry out the thoughts of “Pacific” around which the programs of the year

are being planned. For the annual dinner the Clubhouse was lavishly decorated with date

palms, fronds and many flags, lending an idea of many and widespread nations. Each

table represented a country or group of countries bordering the Pacific Ocean: the United

States, Canada, Spanish America, Russia, China, Japan, Siam, the Philippines and other

countries and islands whose shores are washed by the Pacific had lent of their wealth of

interesting art, fruits and industries to five each hostess an opportunity to make her table

festive. As far as possible those who, by birth or travel, were most interested in any

special country were seated together, and joined in stunts to entertain the party. Particular

mention may be made of the Javanese table, where the guests were all ladies and added to

their interesting decorations and costumes, charming music made upon strange Javanese

instruments lent them for the occasion. Clever entertainment was furnished by each

group, and the small tables designated North and South Poles constantly kept themselves

busy with radion messages to the delight of the listeners.

October 1947

Fireside Meeting: At our October Fireside Meeting we shall have the pleasure of not only

welcoming back, but of hearing one of our own members, Mr. Wallen Maybeck, who

will share with us his “Experiences in Germany.” His message will be of great interest to

all Hillsiders as Mr. Maybeck has just returned from Germany.

Drama: The Dramatic Activities Section under the Chairmanship of Mr. and Mrs. Louis

Piccirillo will produce an original play of the Renaissance written by Mr. Piccirillo

entitled “The Divine Aretino.” Gorgeous costumes of the period will be furnished by

Mollie and Horace Ivie from their beautiful collection of period costumes. A fine cast and

a special stage setting of the Grand Canal of Venice will be featured.

Proposed By-Laws amendment: “If in its judgment the best interests of the Club will be

served by so doing, the Board of Directors may remit dues, whether past due or to

become due, of any member who in its judgment may be unable to pay such dues without

hardship and who might otherwise feel impelled to resign from the Club.”

October 1972

Fireside Meeting: Mr. Garth A. Hull, Educational Programs Officer, Ames Research

Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, will speak to us, with visual

aids, on the subject of “The Moon and Beyond.” This will include part Moon and Mars

exploration findings as well as plans for exploration of the planets, including “Skylab” to

be launched in 1973, and “Pioneer” now en route to Jupiter and beyond. [The Skylab

space station was occupied between May 1973 and February 1974, and burned up in the

atmosphere in July 1979. Pioneer 10 became the first spaceship to visit Jupiter (1973),

and Pioneer 11 the first to visit both Jupiter and Saturn (1974 and 1979). The Pioneer

probes are now far beyond the orbit of Pluto, though they are no longer operating.]

Mt. Lassen Tour: All the details for this fabulous three-day weekend tour were included

in the pink sheets enclosed with your year book. Please review the information on the

flyer, and even put it in your suitcase. Let’s have no delay in starting on Saturday,

October 7, promptly at 7:30am.

Annual Dinner: Delicious roast beef will be served at our 70th Annual Dinner, followed

by a delightful program arranged by Clara and Kenneth LaViolette. Please mail the

reservation form in the envelope sent with the September bulletin, along with your check

for $4.75 each.

October 1997

The Club’s archive of printed monthly newsletters ended with the May 1994 issue. If you

know of a source for any newsletters between 1994 and the Club’s renaissance in the

early 2000s, your historian would love to hear about it!

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