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> May we use our own caterer?

Yes, you may use the caterer of your choice. If you need suggestions we have a list of wonderful local caterers. Please note that renters who choose to self-cater (i.e., bring their own food with no professional caterer) will be subject to a self-catering fee.


> Is there a kitchen?

Yes, but you may use it only for warming, staging, and serving. We cannot allow food preparation and cooking in the kitchen. There is a coffee maker and an industrial dish washer (Hobart) that simplifies cleanup


> Who is responsible for setup, breakdown, and cleanup?

The renter is responsible for all setup, breakdown, and cleanup. When using a full-service caterer, the catering staff performs these duties. When self-catering, the renter is responsible for doing it. If you need to hire extra staff we can make recommendations. Advance set up and clean up can be arranged separately and incur additional charges based on the type of event and number of guests.


> What is your policy with respect to alcohol?

You may serve beer or wine at private events (events where all guests are invited by the renter). For events that are open to the public, you must obtain a permit from the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). We DO NOT permit hard liquor under any circumstances.


> May we bring our own centerpieces and additional decor?

Yes, and please browse through our picture galleries for ideas. If you need suggestions on places to rent special lights or décor, we are happy to send you recommendations. Please note that you may not add fasteners to attach items to the walls;  please consult with our Manager for details.


> Is there a fee for the use of microphones and the projector?

There is a fee for the use of microphones and projection but we will set everything up for you. You may bring your laptop, iPad, etc., to mount a slide show or PowerPoint presentation or play music.


> Are there any restrictions on photography/videography?

No, feel  free to photograph or video


 > Is there parking?

Street parking only; we have no off-street parking. Weekend parking has no restrictions; parking on weekdays is limited to  2hr max during business hours, after 7pm there is no time restriction. We have a large driveway for caterers to pull in and access the kitchen during the event. There is a white loading zone in the front of the building for passengers, and drop-off.


> Is the facility where-chair accessible; are the restrooms ADA-compliant.

Yes, we have a ramp on the main entrance, and  the restrooms are ADA-compliant


> How do we reserve our date.

 You meet with our Manager to tour the Club and discuss your event. Your date will be confirmed once you sign the contract, and pay a deposit of 50% of the total rental fees. The balance of the rental fees and a refundable $400 security deposit are due at least 30 days before your event. If your event is less than 30 days out when you book it the entire amount (fees & security deposit) is due at contract signing.

> What is your cancellation policy.

If you cancel your event more than 30 days before the event we will refund 70% of your fees paid to date. Any refund for cancellation within 30 days of the event are at the discretion of the Manager and the Rentals Committee


> How late can our event go

The Club is in a residential neighborhood and the Berkeley Noise Ordinance applies. All music must end by 9:45pm, and all guests must be out of the hall by 10:00PM. Event organizers and cleaning staff can stay as late as 10:30pm.


> Is there outdoor space?

There is no outdoor space for guests to linger. The front entrance and adjacent landscaped areas are for guests arriving and leaving.

> Tablecloth sizing:



> For playing music/audio, we use a 3.5mm Plug Jack the kind that plugs into a phone, iPod, iPad or laptop:

> Projector Specs: 

Sanyo PLC_9000NA (with a new bulb)

Brightness: 2,100 Lumens

Contrast: 350:1 (full on/off)
Resolution: 1024x768

Native Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (XGA)


Our 14' x 9' screen is permanently installed onstage (deployed via motor).

The throw distance from our projector (in the rear balcony) to the screen is approximately 50"

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Table size rect.jpg
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