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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings:
Tai Chi and Chi Gong are on hold until August 11th, 2022

Attendance is restricted to patrons who are vaccinated. 
*Contact Instructor Jay Shelfer at the email or phone number below
before joining the group.


For additional questions on safety protocol, pricing etc. please contact the instructor directly

not the Hillside Club general number.


Jay Shelfer at or 415-250-0375

Classes on hold until August 11th 2022

Nei gung, Chinese internal energy movement exercise.  Can be called Chi gung as the translation of it is simply energy movement.  Why is that important?  Aging can be a verb or a noun.  As a verb, it implies that in that process you will experience deterioration of both your mental and physical attributes as you grow older. That may not be the case.  What if it is a noun implying that it is simply the time, you are alive and continuing to enjoy living.   The body-brain is simply a physical process that needs stimulation.  Do not use it and it will atrophy,  use it and it will continue to grow and heal and develop itself.  Our classes are to help you enjoy this development and healing aspect of movement as you move through this vertical reality called life.

The Chinese have been refining these internal energy exercises for thousands of years not as a sport but as a refinement of how the body-mind can function and contribute to your well-being.













For more video demos Click Here.

Single class:  $15 ($12 club members) 

For Club members both classes Chi Gong and Tai Chi - $20

Comfortable attire recommended.

Practiced for over two thousand years, Chi Gong and Tai Chi are gentle forms of exercise that can strengthen joints, muscles, tendons and bones, nourish internal organs, stimulate the circulation of energy in the body, and enhance mental clarity. They not only help to maintain physical and mental well-being for healthy individuals but are an excellent way to introduce mobility and relaxation to persons who have physical challenges.


Successive masters of these arts have demonstrated the body’s ability to heal and regenerate, handing down this information in written form as well as in the teachings of authorized practitioners.

This system links the body from head to toe with spiraling expansion and contraction movements, so that all parts of the body move in sync. When one part moves all parts move. Schooling the body to move in this fashion through the practice of Chi Gong and Tai Chi promotes health and healing of the body. This gentle meaningful action tones and strengthens the body. Learning to articulate and move in this coordinated fashion establishes a firm internal sense of balance and develops the strength to age gracefully.

Learning consists of actual relearning how to stand, walk, and gesture in this coordinated fashion, and through a deeper understanding of how the body moves. The reexamining of early role models for standing and moving enables dropping unhealthy old habits. Certainly the relearning process will help prevent or at least slow down any deterioration of the joints and muscles. It helps re-educate one to a better posture which in turn helps heal back and joint dysfunction.


All ages and fitness levels are always welcome. 

Classes are taught by Jay Shelfer and are open to the public on a drop-in basis.

Below are videos of the Tai Chi format.
Jay Shelfer has continually practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gong since the mid 1970s. He began his studies in New York City under one of the first Chinese masters to teach in the United States, Chen Man Ching, with additional studies under a series of teachers in the U.S. and south-east Asia. Jay operated a successful school in Thailand teaching over 6,000 people the complete basic Tai Chi form; led seminars in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland; and was teacher-in-residence for many years at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Currently he also teaches in Marin.


For questions regarding the class, please contact: Jay Shelfer at or 415-250-0375


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