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Dear Hillside Club Landscape Committee, Volunteers, Donors and Friends,


Don't miss the exuberant display of our native iris cultivars in the Club's front garden this week! They are white, with yellow centers, and all result from divisions of members' gardens! They don't seem to know about Coronavirus, going about their business-as-usual as far as I can tell. 


I hope you are all well, healthy and strong, despite these perilous times. I'm sorry to be so late in canceling this morning's prospective work party - but we're not meeting in the rain, and under less pressure without tomorrow's Fireside, and the May 3 Garden Tour

Here is the entry for our Hillside Club Garden.

And here is a link for the Virtual Tour. There you'll also find a link to Kathy Kramer's Facebook page for the tour.



Looking forward in the next week or two, while we are still sheltering in place/staying home, I would like to encourage those who can to help clean up the garden for an hour or two individually, gather and transport redwood duff from the back garden to layout as mulch on the front garden beds, weed as needed, clean the curbside gutters (again!) and put out labels for our spring blooms.


Perhaps individuals might work on this on their own, or coordinate with me and the group if a group effort is needed, maintaining social distance (of course). I will try to print out plant labels this week; does anyone have a laminate machine? Do we have one at the Club?


Danielle (or others) -- if you could photograph spring blooms from time to time, that would be great. This week and the next one or two should be peak blooming times.


Should you have extra time on your hands -- Kathy posted a link to a brilliant lecture by Doug Tallamy and a Ted Talk on bees. Doug is one of my heroes, too. He was an early articulate advocate for native plantings.


All good wishes for your health and strength,


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Sundays in the Garden.  Part of: Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour

Virtual tours, information and education for native plants and gardens.

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Thank you to our HSC Volunteers for the hard work!

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