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Founded in 1898 by a group of Berkeley women to promote environmentally informed good design practices for the development of the Berkeley hills, The Hillside Club remains a vibrant community-based membership organization supporting awareness of current events, the arts, and culture.
The Hillside Club offers many regularly scheduled events, such as its monthly 
"Fireside Meetings"  and quarterly dinners; see the Calendar for a list of its numerous regular and one-off activities. 

The Club welcomes member involvement, but the emphasis is on fellowship, so each member determines her/his own level of participation.  Members will find many opportunities for self-expression,  self-development, and service to the broader community as well as to the Club and other members.

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Become a member of  The Hillside Club, support local arts, music and culture and

enjoy the following benefits:

Membership in The Hillside Club provides discounts at the following club events:


Concert Series:  Half price

Monthly Wine Tasting:  $5 off 

Club Dinners (three times per year) : Only for members and their guests. Members get lowest price.

Club Dances (four times per year) :  $25 off per couple

Tai Chi/Chi Gong (twice a week):  $5 off

Membership in The Hillside Club provides discounts at the following club events:

Fireside Meetings: Free to members, by suggested $10 donation for non-members

Member's Art Show

Last Friday Ladies' (and gent's) Luncheon

Round Table (discussing Ruskin ideals)

Etude Club (promoting musical development)


Attend free social gatherings such as:

Member Mixers

Member Brunches


Options to organize your own event.

Pricing: $160 per year and for those 30 yrs or younger $80 per year.

Introduction to HSC



Fill out the application.



Info re. payment.

Online or by mail.


Get Involved

Explore committees.

No obligation & you may switch

any time.


A look at what the Hillside Club is all about.

We look forward to resuming our regular programming and are accepting new members!

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