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Founded in 1898 by a group of Berkeley women to promote environmentally informed good design practices for the development of the Berkeley hills, The Hillside Club remains a vibrant community-based membership organization supporting awareness of current events, the arts, and culture. 

We are delighted that you’re interested in joining the club.

The Hillside Club is a thriving community club owned and operated by its members for over 125 years. We take pride in our inclusivity, with most events open to the public and our members enjoying exclusive discounts on admission fees. Whether you're interested in attending a Fireside meeting, concert, lecture, film, dinner, dance, game party, book group, or morning Chi Gong class, there's something for everyone.

The Club welcomes member involvement, but the emphasis is on fellowship, so each member determines her/his own level of participation.  Members will find many opportunities for self-expression,  self-development, and service to the broader community as well as to the Club and other members.

Become a member of  The Hillside Club, support local arts, music and culture and enjoy member discounts at club events

Concerts, Theater and Opera Performances

Wine Tastings 

Club Dinners  - Only for members and their guests. 

Club Dances

Tai Chi/Chi Gong

Fireside Meetings: Free to members, suggested            $10 donation for non-members

Member's Art Show

Last Friday Luncheon

Etude Club (promoting musical development)

Attend free members social gatherings such as:

Member Mixers


Options to organize your own event.

Membership Dues: $160 per year per person; a couple counts as two members.

Our fiscal year starts June 1, so if you join after December 31, we will only charge for half the year, or $80.

For those 30 yrs or younger dues are $80 per year.

Introduction to HSC


Get Involved

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