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June 2024 - History Corner

Once Upon a Hillside: 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 years ago

June 1899

Jun 5: An important meeting of the Hillside Club will be held tomorrow at the residence

of Mrs. V. D. Moody of 1725 Le Roy Avenue [Weltevreden]. The time of convening is 4

p.m., and the attendance of the entire membership is desired.

Jun 7: The Hillside Club met yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock with Mrs. V. D. Moody,

1725 Le Roy Avenue. The afternoon was spent in reviewing the work which had been

accomplished. Owing to the absence of the secretary, who had several important matters

to present, but little of a business nature was transacted. The Club will meet next Tuesday

afternoon at the same hour and place as yesterday’s meeting.

Jun 14: The Hillside Club met yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock, with Mrs. V. D. Moody,

1725 Le Roy Avenue. The club is looking up a site for a school house in the Scenic Tract,

to take the place of the Rose Street school. Several available places were suggested.

June 1924

[The Hillside Clubhouse was destroyed in the Berkeley Fire of 17 September 1923.

Normally, the Club hibernated over the summer, but in 1924 they were building the new


Director’s Meeting, Jun 9: Mr. McFarlan made a report for the Building Committee on

the proposed contracts for painting the new Clubhouse: interior $1250, overhang and

eaves $175. Mr. Leland was made chairman on lighting fixtures for the new clubhouse.

Mrs. Hale was made chairman of the committee on furnishings for the kitchen and

housekeeper’s quarters. Mr. Clark was made chairman of a committee on chairs for the

clubhouse. Mrs. Hoye (who was burned out in the Fire) was rehired as housekeeper

beginning July 1, 1924. Mrs. Kelley, housekeeper of Town and Gown Club, was to be

sent a gift of $25 in appreciation of her work for the Hillside Club while we met at the

Town and Gown Clubhouse.

Special Director’s Meeting, Jun 23: Mrs. Foster’s report showed samples of the different

styles of dishes and other kitchenwares. Blue Copenhagen, $149 for 17 dozen cups and

plates, spoons, ½ dozen creamers and sugars, punch bowl, 6 enamel pitchers, 6 aluminum

trays 22x16, one punch ladle.

Mrs. Rees reported on drapes and shades: it was difficult to find materials for curtains

between $3 and $6 or more. One fairly good material at $2.65. Estimate stage curtain at

$267, long windows $175, landing $39.40, balcony $15, rods and brackets $55-60.

Prof. Clark reported on chairs, with examples. Big chairs, 17 dozen $918. Simmons, 200

at $2.65. Rawhide, 200 at $4.30. Proposed budget $750. Prof. Clark was to look further to

get better chairs at less money if possible, better color and more comfortable.

Mr. Osborn reporting on lighting, including four main chandeliers. Rough estimate, $175.

Suggested budget $175.

Mrs. Shaw reporting on furniture for Committee Room [probably what we call the

greenroom]. Art Rattan Works, Oakland, good chair $7.50 or $10. Arm chair $15, round

table 36” $12.50. Suggested budget $150.

Mr. McFarlan, no report but a plan for backstage hangings. Suggested budget $300.

Mrs. Hale for kitchen and quarters. Mrs. Hoye has some furniture for her quarters, will

need additional pieces. Stoves, pots, pans, etc. Estimated budget $200.

Insurance policies submitted in total amount of $15,000. Moved and carried that the $170

premium be paid to Phoenix.

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