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June 2021 Fireside Meeting: "Gardens Gone Wild"

Put on your plant goggles and discover the beauty of California native plants and their potential in your garden. Listen to the tales of plants whose voices are seldom heard, including native favorites that are abundant in gardens but rare in the wild, as well as innocuous-seeming but pesky non-native plants that have had devastating consequences in this landscape.

Stay tuned for tips on shopping for and selecting plants from nurseries. Join us for a deep look on how transforming your garden back to its wild state is within your power to help promote pollinator habitat, natural resource conservation, and biodiversity.

Allyson Greenlon is a plant lover through and through. She currently runs Moonpie Garden Co., a native plant garden design and installation business, which she uses to help combat plant blindness and help her clients fall in love with plants and become stewards of the land. Previously, she was the Public Programs Coordinator for the Jepson Herbarium at UC Berkeley. She received a B.S. in Plant Biology and M.S. in Horticulture from UC Davis.

Her favorite plant is the Fremontodendron californicum—California flannelbush.


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