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History Corner - May 2023

by David Mostardi, Club Historian

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

May 1923

Directors Meeting: Moved and seconded that the Club rent a safety deposit box at the

First National Bank, formerly the Berkeley Commercial and Savings Bank, and that the

Club’s valuable papers be deposited there.

Social Evening: The last meeting of the year took the form of a reception to the incoming

officers. Much interest has been aroused in the selection for president, and applause

greeted the happy announcement that the Hillside Club was receiving the first woman

president in the life of the Club. Mrs. William A. Hale graciously received the honor, and

in a few words of response made everyone feel her warmth of interest in and regard for

the Hillside Club.

May 1948

Message from the President: Newell Nelson will tell the members of the complete

overhaul of the electrical system at the Club, which should put us in the good graces of

the City authorities. After the very clear remarks by Carl Fox at the last Fireside meeting,

telling us where and how to go in case of an emergency, and with new electrical “Exit”

signs, I believe it will be safe to have a small fire. I hope everyone will be present to

witness this fire.

Spring Reception: Formal. The new Board Members and Officers for the 1948-49 Club

year will be presented, and the new Club members will “pass in review.” Our Hillside

Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Bernice Hendrickson will present some excellent

musical numbers for our enjoyment.

May 1973

Aloha Night: This festive program, having an Hawaiian theme, is planned for your

enjoyment with entertainment by our own members. It will include a humorous skit by

new members assisted by some not so new; and the history of the current club year will

be presented by our historians. As a special feature, the Tomlinsons will share with us

their program of Hawaii. So, if you are yearning to wear your Hawaiian outfit, this Aloha

Party is the time!

May 1998

The Club’s archive of printed monthly newsletters ended with the May 1994 issue. If you

know of a source for any newsletters between 1994 and the Club’s renaissance in the

early 2000s, your historian would love to hear about it!

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