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Fireside Meeting January 2021

Monday, January 11 at 7:30pm

Music has played a key role in keeping up the spirits of so many of us during the pandemic, whether just as an audience member, performer, or muted participant from our Zoom window. Join a discussion of how these Divine Divas from diverse musical genres have adapted their music over the past months, and are making plans for the future. You look forward to enjoying some of the music of these amazing women as well!

Club audiences many times have had the pleasure of hearing soprano Eliza O'Malley with the Berkeley Chamber Opera. Shira Kammen, a multi-instrumentalist well known for her expertise in both early and traditional music, has graced our Fireside a year ago, as well as coordinating the music for our Holiday Pageant a month ago. Sandy O and Pat Humphries, known to their many fans as Emma's Revolution, normally hail from Oakland, and write songs on themes of social justice, hope and community building.

These talented musicians will discuss the challenges and opportunities of creating and sharing music during this pandemic, and beyond.


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