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December 2022 History Corner

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

December 1922

Business Meeting: The report of the Property Committee, Mr. Palmer chairman, was

made that a mezzanine had been built above the rear part of the stage. The mezzanine is

to be used as a property room.

The newly-appointed Librarian of the Club gave a short talk on the Club’s library which

is almost entirely the result of the interest of Mr. Russell Osborn when he was President.

Mr. Preble briefly explained the contents of the library which is on California History,

Art and Literature.

President Whitney then introduced Dr. Aurelia Henry Reinhardt whose talk was on “The

American Outlook on the European Situation.” [Aurelia Reinhardt (1877-1948) was an

American educator, peace activist, advocate for the marginalized, and environmentalist.

She earned her Ph.D. at Yale in 1905 and was elected president of Mills College in 1916,

in her words “the first college president who arrived on campus pushing a perambulator,”

as she was raising two children as a young widowed mother.]

Director’s Meeting: President Whitney read the minutes of the meeting of the

stockholders of the Hillside Clubhouse Association which he had attended and voted 779

shares of the Clubhouse Association stock now in possession of the Hillside Club for the

transfer of the Hillside Clubhouse Association property to the Hillside Club. He reported

that later the President and Secretary of the Hillside Clubhouse Association, and Mr.

Foulds, legal adviser, would arrange at the Court House for the transfer of said property.

Christmas Ceremonial: The Ceremonial held on December 18 was one of interest to the

spectators because of the cleverness on the part of the author, and the hard work and

ability on the part of all who took part in acting, choruses, and stage settings. Author Dr.

William S. Morgan called the play “The Last of the Davids,” and carried the Club to the

lands and peoples of long ago.

December 1947

Fireside Meeting: Our speaker is Ralph V. Dewey, who will give us “A Bird’s Eye View

of the Orient.” Ralph returned last month from a ten-week trip to the Orient traveling

thousands of miles by air visiting Japan, China, The Philippines, Dutch East Indies,

Malay Straits, Guam, and the Hawaiian Islands. This will be an extremely interesting


Christmas Ceremonial: For Club members and their immediate families of senior high

school age and over. Tradition prescribes that Ceremonial Robes are to be worn by

everyone, as this is an occasion when all those in attendance take part. The Committee

will produce a timely Christmas play entitled “Miracles Are Eternal.” An integral part of

the production will be the singing of several specially selected carols by the Hillside

Chorus. Everyone will take part in the finale. After the more familiar Christmas carols are

sung by all, the Boar’s Head will be brought in, conforming with Hillside Club custom.

December 1972

Fireside Meeting: Our speaker will be Mr. George K. Brokaw, distinguished graduate of

the University of California and District Director of Customs, San Francisco, since 1961.

Mr. Brokaw will tell us about the numerous activities of the Customers Service and how

they affect us. This will include a discussion of the present campaign against the import

of narcotics.

Christmas Ceremonial: This is the unique occasion in the Club year when Hillsiders

gather together, not as individuals, but as a close family group, clothed in the anonymity

of traditional ceremonial robes, and prepared in both mood and setting to commemorate

the advent of Christmas. In keeping with our usual pattern, the program for the evening

will include a serious moment in the form of a musical Nativity tableau, followed by a

spirit of gaiety, with carol singing, the Boar’s Head and wassail bowl procession, and, of

course, refreshments.

December 1997

The Club’s archive of printed monthly newsletters ended with the May 1994 issue. If you

know of a source for any newsletters between 1994 and the Club’s renaissance in the

early 2000s, your historian would love to hear about it!

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