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Plastic and the Pandemic: How We Curb Increased Use

While our planet has benefitted in numerous ways from the Great Lull

resulting from Shelter in Place, plastic use, especially single-use plastic,

is on the rise. Join Hillside Club Vice President Arlene Baxter in

conversation with Martin Bourque, Executive Director of the Ecology

Center, as they discuss the dynamics of this change, and suggestions

for positive action. They will provide background to plastic use and

disposal, especially here in the Bay Area, and provide an update from

when they co-sponsored an event a year ago entitled The Plastic Crisis.

Included will be a discussion with Berkeley Vice Mayor Sophie Hahn,

discussing the ground-breaking Berkeley ordinance banning single-use

plastic food ware. The presentation will include suggestions for positive

changes that individuals can take to limit plastic use in their own house-

holds, as well as influencing change within communities and industry.

Look forward to a snippet from the feature film The Story of Plastic.

This event is jointly sponsored by the Ecology Center, the

Bridge Association of REALTORS, and The Hillside Club, and is part

of the 2020 events of Plastic Free July.

If you have questions, on the topic of Plastic and the Pandemic,

please send them to Arlene at

Martin Bourque

Executive Director, Ecology Center

Since 2000, Martin has led the Ecology Center, a community-based organization incorporated on Earth Day in 1970. Under Martin's leadership, the Ecology Center is leveraging local direct community service programs to have state and national impact. Martin has spearheaded innovative efforts such as creating a farmers’ market industry group, pioneering electronic food stamp access and incentives at farmers’ markets, and passing the nation’s first Soda Tax. By linking local grassroots grit with highly competent program implementation, and increasingly effective policy advocacy, Martin has led the Ecology Center to become a high impact engine for change.

Arlene Baxter

Arlene is a Realtor by occupation, with a special interest in and knowledge of homes in the styles of the Arts & Crafts movement. It was thus a natural fit for her to become active at the Hillside Club, a 1924 John White design, where she currently serves as Vice President, and coordinator of the Fireside Series of presentations. She is also a passionate environmental activist, chairing the Climate Action Committee of the local Association of REALTORS. She also helped create the Green Designation of the National Association of REALTORS, a designation she holds.


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