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Last Friday Lunch - April 2022

Join us as we greet local author/creator/ sisterhood activator Rozella (Rozie) Kennedy, founder of Brave Sis Project. Brave Sis is a lifestyle brand created by Rozie, and her 2022 Brave Sis Journey-Journal is the world's only guided journal/day planner featuring over 400 BIPOC women in U.S. history, and part of the project's goals which are to promote wellness and history so that BIPOC women will better know and celebrate themselves and each other, and that white women can have knowledge and tools to move past "peformative allyship."

Rozie's work and life are dedicated to building better cultures and communities of inclusion, celebration, cooperation, dignity & wellbeing.

In addition to founding Brave Sis, she is the Director of Impact & Equity for Camber Collective, a Seattle-based global management consultancy firm where she leads their Equity and Belonging work as well as disseminating racial equity and anti-colonialist influence in Camber's client work, and to the development and humanitarian sectors write large. Rozie lives in Oakland with her husband, John Kennedy who is the music director of the Spoleto Festival USA; their two adult daughters reside in Soho in New York City.


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