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Plastic Free July Special Event "Reducing Harm from PFAS Chemicals for Healthier People and Planet"

Hybrid Event. In-person and online.

Reducing Harm from PFAS Chemicals for Healthier People and Planet

PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” are a class of thousands of related chemicals used as stain and water repellants and to manufacture Teflon and Gortex. They do not degrade in the environment, accumulate in people and animals, and have contaminated the drinking water of tens of millions. PFAS exposure is linked to cancer, obesity, and other serious health problems. Rather than addressing the many PFAS forever chemicals one at a time, the chemical class approach allows decision makers in government and business to reduce the use of this entire family of toxic chemicals for healthier products, people, and environment. Learn more about PFAS here.

Arlene Blum PhD, biophysical chemist, author, and mountaineer is a Research Associate in Chemistry at UC Berkeley and the executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute. Her work with government and business has contributed to preventing the use of harmful chemicals including flame retardants and PFAS in children's sleepwear, furniture and other products world-wide. During Blum’s illustrated talk, she will share some of her favorite stories and discuss scientific strategies for positive change. She is the author of Annapurna: A Woman’s Place and Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life. More information at and


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