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March 2022 Fireside Meeting: NASA's Endurance Rocketship

Exploring Why Earth is Habitable with Dr. Glyn Collinson

At the dawn of our solar system, oceans lapped on the shorelines of Earth, Mars, and maybe Venus. Today, Venus' surface is a barren and dry blast furnace. Mars is a frozen desert whose atmosphere has been blown away to space. What exactly is it about Earth that makes life possible? Join Dr. Glyn Collinson of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and principal investigator of "Endurance". This scrappy low-cost rocket mission will launch from the Arctic in May 2022 to try and reveal some of the secrets of why Earth is habitable and why we are all here.

Dr. Glyn Collinson got his Masters degree in physics from the University of Bristol, UK and his PhD in Space science from University College London. Since 2010 he has worked at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and is one of a handful of scientists who both build spaceflight hardware and do scientific research with the data sent back. He has worked on numerous planetary missions, including ESA's Venus Express, and NASA's MAVEN mission to Mars, and Galileo mission to Jupiter. In the past four years he has become a full-time rocket scientist, designing scientific instrumentation for rocketships, and leading the "Endurance" mission.


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