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The photographs of these mandalas don’t do justice to the originals, which have generous metallic embellishments in addition to the vibrant colors. Every dot, for example, is silver. And all the gray areas are also silver metallic, drawn with fine point art pens. The gold embellishments are done with gold metallic pens. Each one is made on archival quality thick paper, 12 inches by 12 inches square, and the
final product is professionally framed and matted.

How I start a commissioned piece:
The first step in the process is an interview to hear what the customer/client is dealing with in their life. Often the client will speak about challenges or patterns that they wish to change, or bigger questions of life purpose or meaning or even soul retrieval. 

The goal is to clarify a direction or intention for some outcome that the client is desiring. The mandala then becomes a focal point for the desired result.
After meditating on the purpose of the mandala, I start with a rough outline of the general shape. Then moving from the center, I draw and paint (using acrylic paint, watercolor and fine point art pens), filling
in the shapes and adding details that show movement and depth until the completed mandala reveals itself. The final step is choosing a mat color and frame to compliment the mandala. The final piece is about 18 inches square.

Other options for the art:
In addition to doing commissioned work, I make prints of the mandalas which I can then embellish with metallic detailing by hand. The artwork can also be made into designs for cards or can be printed onto coasters, clothing and other objects.

Suzanne Zeman, MSC, is a published author, designer and leader of university level leadership programs and teleclasses for coaches, managers and entrepreneurs. She brings 30 years of business experience to her work as an executive and business coach. Her expertise includes developing executive presence, building and sustaining high performing teams, and increasing sales proficiency for non-sales professionals. She provides clients with somatic practices and ways to design life with purpose, grace, strength of character and power. And she teaches coaches how to do somatic work via telephone, using the principles in her book, Listening to Bodies. Contact info: 510-524-7620,

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