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October History Corner

October 2020

The History Corner

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

October 1921

Business Meeting: Mrs. W. H. Marston, of the City Playground Commission, gave an

interested talk on the subject of “City Playgrounds,” showing Berkeley’s needs and also

pointing out what is being accomplished in this line. Prof. J. W. Gregg, of the same

commission, followed with a talk on “The Parks of the City.” He urged that people use

their influence to secure gifts of land for Park purposes. His address was most inspiring

and he left us with a vision of the Berkeley of the future made beautiful by its people and

cherished and cared for by all who dwell here. Dr. Carol Aronovici, consultant for the

Berkeley City Planning and Housing Commission, gave a most interesting and

illuminating talk on practical city planning, while Mr. Maybeck added his word of

appreciation and suggestions. Dr. Aronovici is Expert Consultant for Berkeley and

Richmond, and has lectured at various universities on the subject of city planning. He is

at present attending the California League of Municipalities at Santa Monica and will be

able to give us a report on the work of that organization.

Directors Meeting: The College Woman’s Club sent a communication, asking for a

delegate to a mass meeting in regard to securing better films in the Motion Picture

Theaters. It was moved and carried that we send a delegate, the President to name the


Annual Dinner: The dinner will be served at the Club House at one dollar and fifty cents

per plate.

October 1946

Fireside Meeting: The Berkeley Public School System, as well as all of California, is

confronted with a rapidly mounting school population, a dangerously dwindling teacher

supply and inadequate housing facilities. These factors cause the most serious crisis in its

history. Berkeley is attempting to meet this crisis by submitting to the voters a bond issue

to provide such means as may be required. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Frank W. Hart

of the Department of Education at the University of California. His subject will be “The

School Bond Issue.”

Annual picnic: The picnic will be held at the Taylor Ranch in Redwood City. Come and

bring the whole family. You are welcome to come for lunch if you wish, but be sure to

stay for supper, when all Hillsiders will gather before the evening campfire and program.

During the afternoon there will be games for both young and old. Bring your own food,

sugar, cups, and silverware. The Club will furnish coffee, cream, and ice cream.

October 1971

Fireside Meeting: Leanore and Charles Ott, avid students of the game preserves of

Africa, will present a series of fascinating wildlife slides taken in the past two years

during nearly two months spent in such out-of-the-way places as Tanzania, Uganda, and

Kenya. Some of their pictures are of the “one of a kind” variety that only excellent

photographers, who are also students of the area, are able to get. Some of the deep lakes

they visited have bottoms that are actually as much as 900 feet below sea level, and

contain much out-sized fish and reptile life. The Otts are a talented pair of speakers who

will provide us with a look and with understanding of a section of the “Dark Continent”

that not too many people have visited.

Dramatic Activities Section: “The Lesson,” a one-act play by Ruth Draper, will be

presented by Pauline Hague. Mrs. Hague was born in London and attended the Royal

College of Music. She has toured both England and the United States doing theatre and

music work. We know you all will enjoy her presentation of “The Lesson.”

October 1996

The Club’s archive of printed monthly newsletters ended with the May 1994 issue. If you

know of a source for any newsletters between 1994 and the Club’s renaissance in the

early 2000s, your historian would love to hear about it!

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