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November 2017

The History Corner

by David Mostardi, Club Historian

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

​November 1917

Evening of Irish Song: “An Evening With Old Ireland: Its Legend and Its Song,” was enjoyed by members and guests of the Hillside Club last night at the clubrooms at Cedar and Arch streets. The programs for the evening were printed in green and embellished with a four-leaf shamrock.

“A play was presented entitled ‘Great Toimes,’ and the author, R. W. Osborn, a former president of the club, in a well-worded prologue, explained that the scene on the stage was intended chiefly as a frame for the pictures which would arise in the minds of the hearers as the songs of Erin were given.

“The performance began by the curtain rising on a room in the humble Irish home of about 75 years ago. Two old men sat smoking in silence. F. K. McFarlan, as McGinnins, evidently wealthy, was paying a visit to the friend of his boyhood, O’Houlihan (Osborn), not rich, but proud in his independent character of honest manhood. The quiet was disturbed by the entrance of Mrs. O’Houlihan (Mrs. J. Nachtrieb) the vivacious young wife of the elderly host, and then the fun began. With wit and humor the company was kept alternately in laughter and tears, and the episodes described in the reminiscences of the two old cronies called for the singing of favorite songs.

“The musical numbers included ‘The Last Rose of Summer,’ ‘Come Back to Erin,’ and ‘The Maid of County Mayo.’ An Irish dance by two young women in native costume were other attractive features. The staging was effectively worked out by Bernard R. Maybeck.”

November 1942

Peace Plan Discussion Group: This group will meet at the Dempster home. Miss Smith, Mrs. Setzer, and Mr. Whittle, among others, will review and discuss current articles in a series on “The World We Want: an Introduction to the Future.” These articles were written by such famous statesmen and internationalists as Dr. Carl J. Hambro [(1885-1964), Norwegian politican], Mr. Arthur Sweetser [(1888-1968), American journalist], Dr. Paul van Zeeland [(1893-1973), Belgian statesman], and the Hon. Hugh Gibson [(1883-1954), American diplomat].

November 1967

Fireside Meeting: For the November meeting, the International Relations Section will present Colonel (Ret) James J. Shaug, Director Agency for International Development, Logistic Support & Control Office for Viet Nam. The subject of the address will be “The Other Face of the War in Vietnam,” which will cover the contribution of the AID program in support of the counter-aggression effort in that troubled country. [James Shaug (1910-2011) was born in San Fernando, California and served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.]

November 1992

Fireside Meeting: The International Relations Section will present Dr. Rose Glickman, whose extensive work in the field of Russian Emigration will provide an inside view of the country’s policies with regard to the problems facing the world today. [Glickman was Assistant Professor of Russian History at Mills College.]

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