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June 2022 Fireside: Deep Hanging Out with Malcolm Margolin

This presentation will celebrate the most recent activities of Malcom Margolin and his colleagues at California Institute for Community, Arts and Nature (California ICAN) to increase to increase understanding and awareness of the Native cultures in this area and throughout Northern California, and discuss his new book: Deep Hanging Out: Wanderings and Wonderment in Native California. (Heyday, 2021).

Members can attend this event for free and can RSVP by sending an e-mail to with the names of members attending. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT MEMBERS RSVP BEFORE MAY 24TH. Tickets will be made available to the public after that date. Members can also access a live stream of the event on the 6th. To receive the link to the livestream please e-mail

For more details check out the Eventbrite page for this event. It includes a description of how this talk will emphasize the design principles and ideals shared between Native peoples from this area, and the founders of our Club, who were influenced by the tenets of the Arts & Crafts movement.


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