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Fireside Meeting April 2021: "Untrashing The East Bay...And The Planet!"

Monday, April 5th to celebrate Earth Day,

and the notion that Every Day is Earth Day!

Our speaker will be Stephan Orme, founder of Untrash the East Bay. He will share the progress that his group has made so far to remove trash from urban areas, parks and homeless encampments. But a key aspect of the organization is education, and changing behavior so that once a location is un-trashed, it is likely to stay that way. He has now expanded his vision to Untrash The Planet,, with a goal of building a software platform to help launch 10,000 Untrash Groups around the world. Join us to learn about this wonderful, locally-grown project, and how we can help be part of the solution!

We have scheduled a morning of clean-up for Club members and friends to the Club. Join us! Sunday, April 11 at 11 am Aquatic Park Playground, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA For details on meeting place CLICK HERE


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