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Dianne ayres

Dianne Ayres recalls many happy times in her grandmother’s drapery workroom. Her love of textiles continued at Indiana University where she studied weaving and surface design. Having moved to Berkeley in 1980 and working at Handloomed Fabrics she met Timothy Hansen who introduced her to the Arts & Crafts Movement. After receiving a BA from U.C. Berkeley in Conservation and Resource Studies, she then returned to her roots to specialize in creating textiles in the turn-of-the-century design style.  

Currently with a staff of three employees the offerings of her workshop include kits, curtain hardware and textiles for the home using the techniques of hand embroidery, appliqué, and hand stencilling.  She and Tim research and write on the topic, and collect the linens and books of the period.

They are members of Artistic License, a Guild of Artisans based in Northern California. Active in the Hillside Club since 2005, Dianne and Tim are both past presidents. 

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