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History Corner - April 2023

by David Mostardi, Club Historian

Once Upon A Hillside: 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago

April 1923

Business Meeting, March 5

Architectural influence: Mrs. Foulds reported that the action of the Hillside Club was too

late, as the plans had been completed for the Pacific School of Religion’s buildings along

certain lines of design on account of a certain provision of money. She further called

attention to the ideals of the Hillside in building of the future, and suggested that it was

entirely proper for the Hillside Club to take such steps. Mr. Bradley spoke of the Hillside

Club Suggestions having been acceptable to those building homes. Mr. Clark brought up

the matter of the business block being built at [the northwest corner of] Euclid and Hearst

and inquired into the placing of the building. The building above the [Codornices]

reservoir, with its proximity to the water, was discussed.

Honoring the Maybecks: A procession consisting of Mrs. Green, who walked to the

piano, Mr. Underhill escorting Mrs. Maybeck, and Mrs. Todd leading Mr. Maybeck,

went to the stage. Mr. Todd read a resolution in which it was disclosed that on action of

the Club, Mr. and Mrs. Maybeck had been elected to honorary membership. Mrs. Culp

gave a tribute to both of these new honorary members for their work in the Club.

Slide show: The evening’s program came to a close with an illustrated travelogue on

Hawaii given by Mr. Hall of Crabtree’s Travel Bureau.

April 1948

Fireside Meeting: Our speaker for the evening will be one of our own members,

Professor Lester C. Uren. His subject will be “The Future Sources of Oil Supply and their

Political Implications.” [Lester C. Uren (1888-1960) was an author, researcher, and

educator at the University of California for more than 40 years. He wrote the first

petroleum-engineering textbook in 1924 and founded the first curriculum for petroleum

engineering in 1915. The Lester C. Uren Award was established in by the Society of

Petroleum Engineers in 1963, and recognizes distinguished achievement in the

technology of petroleum engineering by a member who made the contribution before age


Spring Extravaganza: We present “Kamaralzeman,” a new edition of one of the first

Hillside Extravaganzas written and produced just twenty years ago. There will be two

acts and fifteen musical numbers. The show is a somewhat free adaptation of an old

Arabian Nights story, entitled “The Love Affairs of Kamaralzeman and Badoura.”

Civic Affairs Section: We present two matters of local importance. Dr. Thomas L.

Nelson, Superintendent of Schools, will speak on “The Local. School Problem.” The

second topic will be “The City of Berkeley’s Tax Situation,” presented by Professor

Malcolm M. Davisson of the University of California, and a member of the City of

Berkeley Tax Commission.

April 1973

Fireside Meeting: The Dramatic Activities Section will reprise four operettas from the

1950s and 60s: “Land o’ Gold, or Sierra Stars,” “The Twins of Wen Chu,” “Capers in

Capri,” and “The Loves of Lucinda.”

Photographic Arts Section: Armchair travelers will experience an unusual double-bill

slide show featuring travelogues of West and South Africa, and of Greece and the

Aegean Islands. The curtain raiser is Myrtle McLaren’s “Timbuktu to Cape Town,” with

some added shots of Victoria Falls and East African wild animals, a partial record of

Myrtle’s 67-day tour in 1971. The nightcap will be Kay and Fred Dempster’s “Greece,

Past and Present,” which will take us to the noble ruins of Athens, Delphia, Corinth,

Rhodes, Crete, Ephesus, and Delos, the beauty of which is matched by the timeless

beauty of countryside, mountains, and sea.

April 1998

The Club’s archive of printed monthly newsletters ended with the May 1994 issue. If you

know of a source for any newsletters between 1994 and the Club’s renaissance in the

early 2000s, your historian would love to hear about it!

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