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THE PLASTIC CRISIS Monday, July 1, 2019 7pm

Plastic pollution has reached catastrophic levels!

Plug into efforts to reduce plastic use at the community level.

SNEAK PREVIEW of the upcoming film on Plastics

by the makers of The Story of Stuff

REDUCE: That’s the objective! REUSE, and only then RECYCLE

  • Find out from the source what IS and is NOT really recyclable!

  • Explore some fun DIY solutions to replace common plastic goods

  • Check out NEW & favorite plastic-free products. Vendors in attendance!

  • Hear updates on new local and state laws

Includes a first-look at an invention of one of our own Hillside Club members: John Hollis and his!

$10 Donation—includes raffle entry; tea & cookies: Eventbrite

A Fireside Series Talk from The Hillside Club

A Hillside Club member benefit.

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Co-sponsored by The Ecology Center

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